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During a trade Mission to Asia attended by the Tijuana EDC, Baja California governor Francisco Vega, has announced a major new investment in Tijuana by Taiwanese manufacturer, Quan Shen. The firm has committed to a $25 million new manufacturing facility in Tijuana this year.   The announcement was made during the first stop of a four-country...
  By Jose Maria Lujambio,CCN- In 1995, a few activities of the Mexican energy sector were opened for private participation, including transportation, storage and distribution of natural gas.  Since then, Mexico has received significant investments from transnational companies that provide natural gas midstream services. This has been...
  January 15, 2015 – Plantronics Mexico today was recognized with two high honors from the Government of Mexico. At a ceremony at Los Pinos, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico presented President and CEO Ken Kannappan of Plantronics with the National Quality Award for 2014 and a brand new honor named the ‘Distinction to a Journey of...

Tijuana EDC

The City of Tijuana, Mexico has over 50 years of export oriented manufacturing experience.  We have developed world-class competitive capabilities in Electronics, Medical Device, Aerospace and Automotive sectors, and new emerging capabilities in Clean Tech .   In the Medical Device sector Tijuana has the highest concentration of manufacturing employment for all North America.   Companies operating in Tijuana include Toyota, Medtronics, Samsung, Kyocera and over 570 other companies from around the world. 

This Near-Shore destination is the perfect location for lean manufacturing operations with just in time capabilities to service de United States market.  Located in the southern border of California, only 2 hours away from the Port of Long Beach and Los  Angeles, the primary distribution hub of North America´s Pacific Coast .  If innovation, high quality and speed to market are important to your business this is the location for you.

The Tijuana Economic Development Corporation  (DEITAC as it´s acronym in Spanish)  is a non-profit private organization , founded in 1989,  dedicated to facilitating industrial operations and business opportunities within the Cali Baja Bi-National Mega-Region.  Comprised by 120 leading service professionals and infrastructure providers, we offer foreign investors advisory and project management services for establishing successful manufacturing operations in the City of Tijuana.

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